Undeniably Chosen (Significance, #5) by Shelly Crane

Friday, 12 June 2015

Undeniably Chosen by Shelly Crane
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Shelly Crane's Significance series has had a big impact on me. It was one of the books that reignited my passion for reading and for me to start keeping track of my favourites. A series I frequently recommend to like minded enthusiasts or people asking for recommendations.

The first 2 books had me completely in love, however the last couple, ending with Independence and Consequence, had left me a little unsatisfied. I absolutely adored the concept of the fated soul mates an the powers and world that came with it and it felt like those where just a re-chewing of the previous with in mediocre writing.

When Undeniably Chosen got announced, I was thrilled but also a little unsure. Would this be written in the same style? Would it be so cavity inducing sweet I would have to see a dentist (or throw up)? Would it be another copy of Maggie and Caleb's story?

 This is Ava's story, Maggie And Caleb's daughter, who finally ends up meeting her significant, only to find out he is in fact part of the very clan her mother has exiled. Instead of finding the partner of her dreams she now has to face a reality that her destined binding will shake the foundations of her family and their races core believes.

 He leaned in, pressing his lips to my ear. "You're mine little bird. And no one, family, friend, or foe, will take you from me. You're absolutely safe with me and I will figure this out for us, Ava."

Seth, who was adopted by the Watson's as a child knows very little of the facts surrounding his families decline, but has always been brought up with the idea of extracting revenge on those who exiled his family. When he meets Ava, his world turns upside down and he is desperate to try and find a way to mediate, win over Ava's trust and heart as well as keeping the only family he has ever known.

 Go, Ava, I want you to go. It was soft, like a plea. Please. I wish I could have stopped my heartbeat from calling you here somehow. I wish that more then anything. I Prayed that it wouldn't. I prayed so hard. Please go.
Seth, I love you, I hit it harder than I though I was capable of, but shut up.

Unfortunately with a hatred spanning several generations, this proves anything but easy to overcome.

He took a few seconds. he didn't even look like was breathing really. We just stared at each other. I'd called him 'Watson' and it wasn't in disdain, it was with love. it was his name, whether he or I wanted it to be or not. And I loved him.
Thankfully, my concerns where completely unfounded. Not only has Shelly Crane made Ava and Seth's story uniquely their own, but her writing has improved within the time span of her last novels as well. Where as previously I had a little issue with characters such as Becks, Maggie's supposed best friend (who was imminently annoying), this time around all characters play a decent role and there is no unnecessary filler to try an beef it up.

It's a genuine struggle for trust and affection and I love that in true soul mates style we never feel a waver of doubt from Seth! I gotta hand it to the guy, he is some real dream material.. (Caleb who?). Romeo and Juliet have nothing on this...

- "If I never kissed you again, if I never got to feel your calm again, if I never got to wake up with you and look at your eyes and know that I had spent a night with you in my dreams, even if I didn't remember it," I laughed, but it was really a half sob, half cry. "Seth, you have to know that you have made me feel so loved."

Ava is a nice lead as well, she feels more mature in this story then Maggie did in hers, that is most likely also due to the fact that she is a little older in this book then Maggie was in Significance.

If I had one critique point, it's that there are quite a few serious things happening but it never really exploded. I just kept waiting for this epic battle to start and it was just a big series of events and left me waiting on a main collision as such. I do have a feeling we will get there, but it will most likely be in the POV of another couple, since the next scheduled story (Undeniably Fated) has been announced and Shelly has indicated it will not be featuring Ava and Seth as leads.

Would I recommend it?
Yes, this is a fantastic follow up of the series! I think I enjoyed this more then I did the previous and I love the fact that the next books will feature other couples! Though I do hope to see a little more of Ava and Seth through out them..

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