The Divide (The Dreamland Series, #2) by E.J. Mellow

Thursday, 7 January 2016

The Divide
by E.J. Mellow

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Divide has been on my list of most anticipated sequels for 2015. When it finally arrived in my mailbox I was ecstatic and slightly nervous. As the sequel to a smashing debut novel I was truly hoping it would live up to the awesomeness of the first book and that there would be a good chunk more of Devlin (though really the story was a reason enough of course hah!)...

descriptionThe Divide jumps right into where The Dreamer left off. Molly is on her way to be put under for a few days in order to get her training under way. And ohh do we get thrown straight back into it! We finally get to delve a little deeper into Terra and get introduced to whole heap more interesting gadgets and what not's. There are some truly tension packed scenes right up my ally and I am extremely glad that this is a NA novel and did not have to conform to YA fadeouts. It delivered on all of my TGTBT expectations  (for anyone wondering , it's short for 'To Good To Be True').

~ I swallow. Will I like this different me? Will my friends and family? “I know there is a popular saying ‘ignorance is bliss.’” She eyes me sympathetically, as if she knows my thoughts. “But I also know there is a better one that says ‘knowledge is power.’” I’m currently unsure which one I agree with.

~ I stay pressed against the solid structure as the doors open . “I’d get some air if I were you. From the feel of it, you seem a little hot and bothered.”


E J Mellow also knows how to pull you straight into her world. The imaginative descriptions and her quirky humor come together effortlessly and it had my laughing out loud so many times on the bus, I have lost count. Evidence is the massive amount of highlighted quotes in my kindle notes, once I had finished. On average I pick up about 5-10 quotes per book. The Divide had me pick up over 15 and that was with restraint.

~I swallow . “So… meaning they went power hungry and got a little too Pinky and The Brain, ‘let’s take over the world,’ on everything?”

~“Rae!” I shove his shoulder. “You can’t do that! You can’t snoop about you through me!”“Why not? How else were you going to repay me for this favor?” The corner of his mouth tips up. “Plus, wouldn’t you ask her that?”“Oh. My. God! That’s not the point,” I scold, but after a moment ask, “What did she say?”

Anyhow, I am digressing. Of course having the safety of both the real and the dreamer world on your shoulders is not easy, not only that but she is having some other very difficult decisions to make whilst also all of a sudden becoming the target from an unknown source. This installment really lets you see the power that Molly holds in her hands and shows both sides of the proverbial coin that come with her new found gifts.


I build worlds around us and solar systems and creatures that only exist in dreams. I manifest colors that have flavors and darkness that’s all encompassing. I go to a place unborn by man, created in a space where the natural law has no reach and the science of reason is washed away , replaced by the basic pure desire to exist, all of it coming from a place I never knew I had.

^^^ That is most definitely my fave quote out if this book!

I believe we all adore some good action scenes and this had plenty for me to sink into. The ending of the second book is very fitting. After all the trouble we get pulled through, it is great to get thrown a little bone and not fall into a book induced depression whilst waiting for the finale. I am extremely curious to see how Ej Mellow is planning to pull everything right again.

For now I will keep my eye out on her upcoming novella The Dreamcatcher which will show us Dev's POV.. (Hell yeah, even more Dev!).. That should at least cure my CWTTNB syndrome for a little while longer  (for anyone curious, it's short for 'Cant Wait Till The Next Book').

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