Feral Sins (The Phoenix Pack #1) by Suzanne Wright

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Book has Adult Content (18+)

Feral Sins by Suzanne Wright  
My rating: 4 of 5 stars (4.5 stars)

As much as I love the YA scene, I sometimes have to step away from the angst to find a book in which I don't come across fade to black and consequently get left to the devices of my own (slightly inappropriate) imagination.

When I saw some of my fellow bloggers raving about Feral Sins, no other encouragement was needed for me to pick it up.

Feral Sins start with Taryn who is a latent shifter and daughter to an Alpha packleader with influential circles. It goes to say that she and 'father dearest' do not get along and circumstances have her trapped into an arranged mating, thereby securing her father with another alliance. Unfortunately her intended mate is a total jerkoff and she is desperate for a way out, one way or another.

~ Blonde as she was, she didn't have that bimbo look about her. There was no missing the sharp, keen mind behind those charcoal-grey eyes.

Enter Trey. The pack leader of the Phoenix pack who nearly killed his father which led to his banishment. Now the new Alpha of the other half of the pack is forcing him to re-unite and the only way out is to win this battle and prove he is the rightful Alpha. To do this however, he needs back up and in Taryn he sees equal opportunity to solve this. He gains the support he needs in the upcoming battle and in exchange Taryn get's her freedom by avoiding a forced mating. The Price? She will have to stick it out with him for 3 months instead...

~ He could sense that she was close, so close, to accepting his proposition. He didn't blame her for being wary or hesitant, but she had to know he was the lesser of two evils. "Taryn, I'm offering you a way out. if i were you, I'd take it.

It is a highly amusing story. It focusses on the relationship and the impending issues in equal measure and even though some of it had me feeling like bashing either one of them on the head, the action (not just the bedroom action at that) makes up for it a plenty.

The book is written in both Taryn and Trey's POV which really is the perfect way to portray their growing feelings as well as the struggles they have to deal with around one another. And not to mention it makes the adult scenes a whole lot more interesting too.

Taryn certainly is no push over. I like that. She is sarcastic, she swears (a lot) and knows how to kick some ass. And then I got faced with a scene that I had not seen coming. Due to me picking up this book without actually reading the syopsis beyond the words 'Warning sarcastic female lead' (seriously a book that warns about that, has got my vote, period) I could feel my eyebrows rise higher and higher and my mouth hang open. Needless to say this book is steamy.. and not for anyone that is lightly shocked or offended.

Trey is an interesting persona too. I did not expect that much character building and am pleasantly surprised by the depth that author Sarah Wright has put into him. In some ways he really is a victim of circumstances beyond his control (though he certainly does not portray a victim with his actions). Instead he is just the right combo of possessive, strong and steamy.

It's always a good day when I find something that can compare to works such as the Psy/Changeling series (a definite fave of mine) and this came pretty darn close to it!

The ending enables the story to continue and I must admit, I am very curious to see what the next instalment 'Wicked Cravings' has got in store for us, which is written in Dante's POV. In fact, I am highly anticipating reading more about the pack members and their different personalities.

Would I recommend it?
Yes, I would if they where 18+ .. What girl can resist a hot Alpha?

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