Treasure, Darkly (Treasure Chronicles, #1) by Jordan Elizabeth

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Treasure, Darkly by Jordan Elizabeth Mierek
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
2.5 really

It started out so promising. The author seemed to be on to something, writing a book that crosses Western with Steampunk some Paranomal, Action and some potential Romance. Made even more interesting by the fact that she has chosen a male lead (unusual for a female author). Or so I gathered from the intriguing short that accompanies this book. Unfortunately it fell flat and sunk like a river stone. The best thing about Treasure Darkly is most likely it's cover. Let's be honest, that cover is a gorgeous piece of art.

Treasure, Darkly starts out with a boy named Clark. His mother, whose occupation is a dubious one, raises him. Through bad luck, he manages to get his hands on a vial of potion which gives him the ability to see and talk to ghosts, bring back the recently deceased and take a life right after. By acquiring it, he has also brought the wrath of the military on himself. When his mother is killed in his pursuit, he runs, leaving everything behind.

The story picks up a few years later when Clark finally emerges from hiding and decides to seek his esteemed father. The family takes him in and he immediately hits it off with his 'half-sister' Amethyst.

~ "You don't want me?'" She blinked. People loved to do things with her. No one excluded Amethyst Treasure from a gala.

Clark is an interesting character. I could relate to him and liked his survival skill and determination. Amethyst seriously grinds on my nerves. I am assuming the author decided to let her come across as bratty and reckless as a point of interest, which is in it self fine, characters need room to grow, however don’t expect this to happen in this book. She is not only obnoxious; she is also petty and horribly shallow. In all honesty, I have no idea why Clark has any interest in her.

~ This wasn't the city. He wasn't a prospective suitor. Clark was...a secret. She slid back her chair and sashayed around the table. Just because they where stuck together as supposed siblings didn't mean she had to give up all the games.

That brings me to the next struggle. Why the hell is he so fascinated by her at all? And why is the whole plot abandoned as soon as she makes an appearance? This book went from adventure to a bad romance so fast it gave me whiplash! The parts that do convey some action are over all to quickly and apart from running from one location to another, there is not much else happening aside from Clark and Amethyst trying to hide their bedroom antics.

~ She nodded and pressed closer to curl against his chest. he wrapped his arms around her to hold her tighter. He might not have a hero, but he could be hers.

There where so many opportunities to really break out and make this unique. I missed a real insight into the characters and surely there is an aftermath of the actions they took? All in all, it just left me wanting. Perhaps I just had my hopes raised way to high.

It also reads like a stand-alone novel. There is no real lead up to give away this is a series. The sequel, Born of Treasure, is to be released some time this year and at this stage I’m not sure if I’m relieved they are attempting to get back to the story (Bonnie & Clyde style?), or horrified at the notion of having to read more of Amethyst.

So would I recommend it?

Simply put, No. If you are looking for a decent Steampunk element then The Emperor s Edge by Lindsay Buroker is a much better alternative.

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